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Hand Packed Albacore Tuna
Hand Packed Albacore Tuna

Hand Packed Albacore Tuna

100% USA Caught & Canned

Firm yet tender, flavorful yet subtle, Albacore is a tuna lover’s dream come true and Albacore from the Pacific Northwest is truly unique. Averaging about 3 years old and approximately 15 lbs, PNW Albacore provides a far more tender mouth feel than the larger and older Albacore caught elsewhere. Our fleet catches and bleeds each fish one at a time, to preserve quality and eliminate by-catch (dolphin safe!). We then fillet by hand and cook it only once for unmatched taste and texture. Most canned tuna is cooked twice. Yuck! The end result is a healthy AND delicious tuna that maintains its natural tenderness and Omega 3 content.

Our cans are hand packed with 5 ounces of premium, wild albacore tuna ready to enjoy anytime.


Why We Love the Can

The short version: 1) cans perfectly preserve quality and 2) cans are better for the environment than jars and pouches.

The slightly longer version: Cans are recyclable. Pouches are not, save in rare instances. In addition, pouches are generally made from plastics and metal, which threaten our oceans. It is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. That doesn’t sound good to us. Compared to glass, cans are A LOT lighter and require much less fuel during transport, making them more carbon efficient. In addition, making glass requires the mining of sand, which often harms marine ecosystems. Furthermore, they are usually made with more recycled content and recycled more often than glass.

Why Our Albacore is Sustainable

Tuna, of which there are many species including Albacore, is one of the world’s most popular fish. The way it is caught has a huge impact on the health of our oceans. Our fleet uses a sustainable pole and line method to catch albacore one fish at a time in an MSC certified fishery. This type of fishing provides vital employment in rural coastal communities, without the harmful impact on the ocean. By contrast, most tuna is caught using large-scale industrial fishing methods, including Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs), which attract marine life, and huge nets called purse seines. This method scoops up and anything in its reach – including other fish, turtles, dolphin and small whales.

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