Trace Your Fish

Enter the code on the side of the packto dive deeper into its story.


We care that you care.

Did you know that 90% of seafood eaten in the US is imported from abroad? 

Fishpeople sources direct from small-scale American fisherman, which means you're supporting local coastal communities with every bite you take.

We're firm believers in authenticity, so we want to take it one step further than just saying we're "sustainable" and actually showing you where our fish is from. We've eaten a lot of fish in our day and truly believe ours tastes so good because where it's from and how it's caught and handled matters.



You'll find a unique code on the back of each pouch, or the side of every box. Enter that number into the "TRACE YOUR FISH" form at the top of this page and get ready to dive into the story behind your fish!

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