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Hey Pro Chefs!

Hey Pro Chefs!

Fishpeople is your culinary partner in bringing delicious & storied seafood to people across the US. When you serve your customers Fishpeople Seafood, you can trust that our fish is responsibly sourced, sustainably caught & meticulously handled with care. Even better, you & your customers can get to know the people & places behind your fish using the tracking code on every shipment.

 That's right, we're talking relentless transparency. Because we know where it's from, how it's caught & the journey it takes to make it to your kitchen all play a part in ensuring every bite is wildly delicious.

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We Help You Reel In The Big Fish

These days, everyone cares deeply about where their food comes from. We help you tell the story behind our fish to your customers with custom marketing support to keep them coming back for more.

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Our Business Tastes Better

You’ll taste our commitment with every bite. Each step we take and decision we make furthers our mission of supporting coastal communities, forging relationships with fisherman and farmers, only harvesting sustainable species, and maintaining complete transparency. Each element of our business has a deep intention behind it - and we’d love for you to come aboard.

  • Restaurants

    Customers expect nothing but the very best. You’ll deliver every time and keep them coming back for more.

  • Meal Kit Delivery Co's

    When life is a little too busy to cook from scratch, a simple-and-fresh fish dish always hits the spot.

  • Corporate Cafeterias

    Busy team members deserve to take a break with pure, simple seafood dishes they’ll look forward to all day long.

  • And More!

    Wherever there are people who care where their food comes from, we’ll be there to exceed their expectations.

Let's Chat

If you're interested in our product offerings, please send us a message below or contact us at | 503-342-2424 x 105