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Fishpeople grew from the fortuitous union of Duncan Berry and Kipp Baratoff. They bonded over concern for the state of coastal fisheries, where overfishing has reduced many fish stocks to a shadow of their original abundance and 90% of the catch, jobs and nutrition are shipped overseas. Together, in 2012, they found Fishpeople to “re-imagine consumers’ relationship to the sea”. Today, their innovations, relentless transparency and passion for sustainability are helping restore habitats, fuel local coastal communities and bring new ease, excitement and peace of mind to fish lovers nationwide with a line of products to help make great seafood simple and accessible.

We Swim Upstream

Our suppliers are committed to it, our distributors understand its power, and you will taste it.

All About Sustainability

Sustainability is in our DNA! We're committed to the health of our oceans and the fish that live in them, as well as the economic health of coastal communities. Considering people and planet in all our decisions might not be easy, but we know it's right.

Pure Fish, Simple Ingredients

Mother Nature got it right! At Fishpeople, we know it's smart to follow her lead, so we start with sustainably-caught seafood and work with chefs to create recipes with simple ingredients. We never use artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or antibiotics.

Swimming Upstream

Fishpeople is mobilizing a school of Seafoodies who are passionate about the health of our oceans, as well as the fish and people that rely on them. We swim upstream together, energized by the same purpose.

Every Fish, A Story

Your fish has a wild tale to tell! Enter the code on every product at tracethisfish.com to learn more about the fish in your dish!

Wildly Delicious

We supply an assortment of incredible fish to some of the best chefs across the country and we craft wildly delicious seafood entree kits and soups to enjoy at home or on the go. When Fishpeople seafood lands on your plate, rest assured it will be wildly delicious!

John Tinker & Son - St. Mary's, AK

Yum, Integrity

Now comes the best part: dig in. Sustainably-harvested seafood is a celebration of everything good in a natural, sustainable circle of nutrition. Enjoy as packaged, or kick start your own culinary adventures. All our TMI transparency is really about one thing: peace of mind. We love fish. Now you can too. With clean plates. And equally clean consciences. Enjoy.

Certified B Corporation

Fishpeople is a certified B Corp

We are part of a community of companies using business as a force for good. Learn more about the B Corp designation at bcorporation.net

Straight from the Source: We have a direct relationship with the sea.

Get to know the deckhands, the docks, and the crew it takes to deliver you lots of incredible fish.

Alaska Map
Washington Oregon Map

St Mary's, AK

Our Northern-most landing and home to our Wild Yukon River Salmon

Ilwaco, WA

One of our landings and home to many valued members of our coastal team!

Garibaldi, OR

One of our landings and home to the flagship Fishpeople  Seafood Market!

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Portland, OR

Our headquarters (home of many desks)