Statement of Need

Fishpeople is looking to connect with a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) to complement Fishpeople’s current species assortment and to participate meaningfully in advancing improvement. 

Project Description

As a pilot project in Year 1, Fishpeople is looking to purchase product from a FIP. Fishpeople participation would benefit the FIP by connecting the project with US market demand and access to Fishpeople points of distribution. The exact volume and product formats could vary depending on qualifications and potential market demand. 

Fishpeople is open to partnering with FIPs of all species and countries, but has a particular interest in learning about shrimp and white fish opportunities that align with our mission and current portfolio.

In subsequent years, Fishpeople is open to deepening a partnership with a FIP. This partnership could result in larger volume commitments, assisting the FIP, among other benefits.

About Fishpeople

Fishpeople Seafood exists to change the seafood industry by connecting consumers with the story behind their fish. Our practices look out for the oceans and drive coastal economic development. For consumers, we make choosing pure, sustainably-sourced seafood simple and wildly delicious. You can find our soups, flash-frozen seafood kits, and fresh fish in over 6,000 stores in the US, with exciting innovations launching this year!

We source our fish from MSC-certified fisheries; our supply chain is transparent and 100% North American, which means no mystery fish and guaranteed traceability back to the source. As a proud B-corp, we’re part of a community of companies using business as a force for good. Got you hooked? Explore our site to dive deeper!

Project Schedule- Initial Round

  • Full submissions must be submitted via qualification link by midnight PST on Monday, October 22, 2018.
    • Use the assessment guidelines below to gather materials and information before starting the form.
    • Please direct any questions regarding the RFQ to:
  • Submissions progressing to the next round will be notified by November 15th, 2018 with details on next steps for final round.

Assessment guidelines: 

Interested FIPs are encouraged to submit their qualifications with a detailed self-assessment on the attributes below. The review committee will check responses against the mandatory criteria. Only qualifications completed in full will be considered. In the submission form, please also include:

  • Cover letter (200 words max)
    • What makes the FIP unique and stand out as a community/ species/ ecosystem that consumers would want to support?
    • How is your fish differentiated from other fisheries that provide the same or similar species?
  • Brief background information on the FIP including history, description of FIP implementer(s), and any partnered organizations (including government entities)
  • Project timeline of milestones and where the project currently stands in that timeline
  • Key team member qualifications

Fishpeople Scoring Criteria

1 = lower priority

3 = highest priority

Assessment Attributes


Product Viability

Species Info

  • What is the species?
  • What is the catch method? How long after catch is the species delivered on land? How is the species stored on the vessel during transportation?
  • What is the flavor/texture profile? (i.e. unique profile to the FIP product which sets it apart from the rest?)


Exposure to US Market

  • Is this this species commonly consumed in the US market? Is it a highly commoditized species?
  • Does this fishery currently work with other buyers? If so, which ones? How much volume is sold annually and to which countries/ regions?


Supply, Volume + Availability

  • What is the fishery’s annual harvest capacity? What is the seasonality of this species?
  • Does this species have limited/ finite scale based on health of the biomass?
  • What is the potential harvest volume once fully healthy?



  • What the current ex-vessel price? Is this price sufficient for the sustainability of the fleet? If not, what is the desired ex-vessel price?
  • What is the current wholesale and retail price for export?
  • What is the current wholesale and retail price in the domestic market?


FIP Credibility

FIP Description

  • Who is the FIP implementer?
  • Who else is partnered in the FIP? (i.e. government agencies, NGOs, private sector, fishing cooperatives/ syndicates)
  • How long has this FIP been in operation?


Environmental Impact

  • What is the size of biomass and territory impacted?
  • What is the current health of the species? (i.e. endangered rating vs a slipped sustainability rating)
  • What is the potential environmental impact on the biomass, bycatch, etc?


Socio- Cultural Impact

  • Does this fishery engage the artisanal fleet or commercial fleet? What is the population makeup of the fleet?
  • How many people does the fishery impact (fishermen, processors, middlemen, communities, etc)?
  • What social metrics are incorporated into the FIP?
  • What are other cultural benefits to local communities?
  • Is the fishery Fair Trade certified?


Monitoring & Evaluation

  • How is the progress of the FIP measured and evaluated?
  • Who provides scientific advice and oversight?
  • Is the FIP goal to achieve certification? If so, which ones?


Traceability Scheme

  • What traceability measures are currently in place within the FIP?
  • Describe the traceability measures you use in the FIP.


Operational Complexity

Proximity to End Market

  • Where is the fishery located?
  • How remote are the landing sites from export sites?
  • How is the species offloaded and handled?
  • Are you involved in a carbon offsetting program?



  • What transportation is available within the country?
  • What transportation is available for export?
  • What customs documents will be needed?



  • What are the processing formats of this species within origin country?
  • Is freezing available in-country?
  • Is there a HACCP-certified processing plant available in-country?



Country of Origin

  • How stable is the current government for country of origin?
  • How will this stability change in the next year? (i.e. Is there a predicted regime change?)
  • Are there any trade barriers or treaties in place with the US?



  • How stable is the local currency?
  • What is the historical 5-year exchange rate?



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