Q: Do your soups, entrée starters, fillets, or seafood kits contain artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners?

A: No way! We keep it pure and simple here, using only natural ingredients that you could find in your own kitchen. Nothing is added to our fish after it’s been caught and since they’re wild-caught, they’re antibiotic free.


Q: How can I tell when my fish is cooked?

A: Your fish is completely cooked through when the flesh is opaque and can easily be flaked with a fork.


Q: Where is your fish caught?

A: All of our fish is caught in the Pacific Northwest by independent, American fishermen. Learn more about these brave souls by entering the tracking code on your product into our website! Just click “Trace Your Fish” above.



Q: Is your packaging recyclable?

A: Everything but the film on the tray and cups is absolutely recyclable! In fact, the tray and cups in our kits can make for some fun craft projects. Take pictures so we can see what you’ve come up with!


Q: What should I serve with my fish?

A: Your favorite grain and veggie are always good options, but make sure to check out our suggestions for what will taste best with each kit!


Q: How can I quickly defrost my Kit?

A: Pull back the film on the fish tray to break the seal and place the fish tray, topper and garnish cups in a zipper-top plastic bag and submerge in a cold water bath until fully defrosted. Cook immediately after thawing.



Q: How do your Soups stay fresh without refrigeration or preservatives?

A: Due to our innovative packaging, we are able to deliver fresh ingredients without the harsh preservatives. We simply pack each ingredient at the peak of freshness in airtight packaging to keep it fresh, naturally. It’s a similar process to canning but uses fewer resources and is BPA-Free!