Q: Is your product safe for me to eat when pregnant?

A: Yes! Not only are all Fishpeople Seafood products safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding (thanks to our lower levels of mercury, PCBs and other contaminants), they are especially beneficial to your health as you deliver vital nutrients to baby. Studies show that moms who eat seafood rich in Omega-3 DHA/EPA (like our high-quality, wild-caught sources) have babies with improved brain development, eyesight, and IQ.


Q: Is your product safe for my children to eat?

A: Yes! Fishpeople products are a safe and healthy way to increase your children’s intake of DHA/EPA (the essential Omega-3 fatty acids that support brain development and eyesight during childhood). Our seafood contains lower levels of mercury, PCBs, and other contaminants, making it a better choice for your kids and the whole family.


Q: Do you test your product for radiation and other contaminants?

A: Of course! Your safety and health are a number one priority for us, so we take our product testing seriously. We care about the purity of our ingredients, which is why we locally source West Coast albacore tuna that has been lab tested and found to have radiation levels so low that they pose no concern to food safety. In addition, we test for mercury, e-coli, PCB’s and other contaminants to ensure we are always delivering the lowest levels of toxins possible and staying well within the limits for what the FDA confidently deems safe.


Q: Is your product appropriate for a low-sodium diet?

A: We made sure of it! While never compromising on flavor, we work hard to develop recipes that minimize added salt, so people can enjoy our products while staying well within the USDA and Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily allowance of 2,300 mg of sodium. The majority of our products are under 560 mg of sodium, which means someone can consume a Fishpeople soup or entree for three meals per day and still fall well below the dietary guidelines. Compared to conventional soups and packaged meals, which can contain over half your day’s worth of sodium in just one can, we are proud to deliver tasty options that still fit your lifestyle. Try our lowest sodium options: Creamy Razor Clam & Bacon Chowder (480 mg sodium) and Seafood Chili Blanco (540 mg sodium).


Q: Does Fishpeople use any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners?

A: No way! We keep it pure and simple here, using only natural ingredients that you could find in your own kitchen.


Q: How does your product stay fresh without refrigeration or preservatives?

A: Due to our innovative packaging, we are able to deliver fresh ingredients without the harsh preservatives. We simply pack each ingredient at the peak of freshness in airtight packaging to keep it fresh, naturally. It’s a similar process to canning but uses fewer resources and is BPA-Free!


Q: Do your products contain unhealthy levels of saturated fat and cholesterol?

A: Healthy fats give your body energy, allow for better nutrient absorption, and are essential to a well-balanced diet. While it can be easy to label all saturated fats and dietary cholesterol as bad, this is not the case. Many healthy foods naturally contain some saturated fat and cholesterol (like fish, avocados, nuts and seeds), so the USDA and Department of Health & Human Services simply recommend staying under 20 grams of saturated fat and 300 mg of cholesterol per day. Our high quality sources of fats – wild seafood, local dairy, and coconut milk – are some of the tastiest ways to enjoy your daily allotment. If you prefer a lower intake of saturated fat and cholesterol, try our Seafood Chili Blanco (just 1 gram of saturated fat and 30 mg of cholesterol) or Creamy Razor Clam and Bacon Chowder (4.5 grams saturated fat and 40 mg cholesterol). 


Q: Do any of your products contain GMOs?

A: All of the seafood in our products is wild caught here in the US and therefore non-GMO. We are in the process of confirming the non-GMO status on all of our other non-seafood ingredients and will share the results as soon as we have them.


Q: Why is there added sugar in some of your products?

A: We share your concern about added sugar and only do so under a couple of circumstances. Some of our products, like Alder Smoked Salmon Chowder and Razor Clam Bacon Chowder only have sugar because sugar is used to make one of the main ingredients, i.e. bacon and smoked salmon both use sugar. In a few of our other recipes, like our curries, sugar is often traditionally used to enhance the flavor. We use agave syrup and brown sugar in these instances.

2) In a few of our other recipes, like our curries, where sugar is traditionally used to enhance the flavor we use agave syrup and brown sugar.