It's that time of year - the time when we're all struggling to come up with thoughtful gifts that our friends and family will love. Don't worry, we have your back! Here's our list of the ultimate gifts for the (sea)foodie in your life.

1. Salmon: Everything You Need to Know by Diane Morgan


This book is truly packed with everything you need to know about salmon, from farmed vs wild, deboning, cooking techniques, and incredible recipes.

2. An incredible fillet knife


Any home cook will tell you that a good knife will change your life, and the same goes for a fillet knife if you're an avid seafood eater.

3. A wallet made of salmon leather


Did you know you can buy goods made from salmon leather? We love this idea for using every part of the fish! And how beautiful is this pocket book?!

4. Fish Bone Tweezers


Seafoodies everywhere know that those pesky pin bones can be difficult to remove. Struggle no more! These tweezer are amazing for quickly removing pin bones from any fillet.

5. soFISHticated swag


Every seafoodie needs a soFISHticated shirt in their lives! And guess what? You can buy them on our website!

6. Beautiful fishy serving ware


The ultimate seafoodie doesn't just want to eat fish, we want to serve our fish on fish.

7. Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka


This is only for the extreme seafoodies (and likely the bloody mary lovers): you really can purchase smoked salmon flavored vodka.

8. A subscription to Jacobsen's Salt of the Month Club


Every seafoodie knows that excellent fish doesn't require much to shine - in fact, a good salt will do! Get them a subscription to fellow Portland brand Jacobsen's Salt of the Month Club.

9. Salmon Sisters + Xtratuf Work Boots


Life is good when you can combine form AND function. These are great work boots that look awesome, too!

10. This cutting board set from Alaskan craftsmen


This incredibly sharp knife is beautifully designed and paired with a real birch wood and walnut cutting board. Best of all? It's made in Alaska, just like your salmon.