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The Story of our Wild Yukon River Salmon Posted on 26 Jul 13:35


We’re excited to share with you the story of your fish through a series of short videos. This is the story of the people and watershed that your purchase supports. It is an ode to our industry, the last industry that hunts for wild game. Commitment to this industry can be difficult when mother nature does not cooperate. When the fish don’t swim like they’re supposed to. When fog makes the runway unlandable for a cargo plane. It is in this crucible of hard times that relationships are forged and your mettle is tested. Where you are forced to cultivate the art of taking the long view and letting go of the short term frustration.

These videos are the story of your fish. This is the story of our first season operating on the mighty Yukon River in Alaska. It is but a small glimpse into the art and science of getting your fish to you. Fishpeople operates three landings. One on the Yukon in Western Alaska. One in Ilwaco, Washington. One in Garibaldi, Oregon. Each one has a story. A family of people internal and external to Fishpeople that are dedicated to working 24/7. So when you see Mike, Tannia, Otto, Jack, JW, Tyler, Cavin, Chuck, Ragnar, Doug, and countless others of the Fishpeople family tell ’em thank you. They work hard to catch fish, offload fish, protect watersheds, and collaborate with policymakers because they love fish and they want to share that love with you.

We hope these videos help you get acquainted with the watershed, the policy, the operations, and the team behind our Wild Yukon River Salmon. We’re sharing this one today, but keep an eye out for more to come. In time, we hope to introduce you to our other landings, to our many species and to the tribe of people behind your fish. We wouldn’t be here without them.

Welcome to the family.

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