Meet the new "it" fish.

Sustainable catch methods and careful handling result in versatile texture with a fine flake. Wild Pacific Rockfish retains moisture well. The firm & flaky flesh and sweet, nutty flavor pair well with bold flavors like blackening spice and chili with citrus.

Wild flavor bursting with nutrition

Our rockfish is an incredible source of wild, lean protein, as well as Omega-3s, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Niacin, Potassium, and Selenium. 

A True Comeback Kid

Back in 2000, the West Coast Groundfish fishery had completely collapsed due to a combination of natural factors and overfishing. Local fishing communities were devastated. Low groundfish stocks meant giving up fishing or taking work far from home and family.

The collapse prompted intense policy meetings. Fishermen, regulators, and scientists collaborated and agreed to enforce fishing restrictions. In a shining example of ecological management and perseverance, several species of West Coast rockfish are back! This means an increase in fish stocks and local jobs.

Be a part of the comeback by enjoying Wild Pacific Rockfish from an MSC certified fishery, like Fishpeople’s Wild Pacific Rockfish topped with Chipotle & Lime.