While many health organizations suggest eating seafood twice a week for your health, we wondered what it would be like to try eating seafood every day for 40 days.

Well, we're about to find out. 

Our Digital Marketing Fin-tern (left) will be chronicling his journey from March 6th through April 18th as he swaps out his typical, go-to proteins for at least one daily serving of fish or shellfish. Hear more about this #Swap4Seafood 40 Day Challenge in his own words. 

We all know that the American Heart Association says eating two servings of fish per week is good, so you’ve got to figure that seven servings would be great, right? Well, I am going to prove it. I am going to eat a serving of seafood every day for 40 days. You know what they say, ‘if it’s worth doing it’s worth overdoing’.

My name is Keegan and I am the Digital Marketing Fintern here at Fishpeople, which means two things:

  1. I am a college student who will do almost anything to not have to eat instant ramen noodles every day.
  2. Nobody hesitates to volunteer me for a social media challenge.




When I first heard about the plans for an intern to eat seafood every day for a month and a half, it took me about half a day to realize that I was the only intern in the office and they were talking about me. Why me and not somebody else you ask? Good question. Well, while being the newest and youngest member of the team doesn’t immediately nominate me for tasks like this, I think its actually in my job description as Digital Marketing Fin-tern.

So, from March 6 until April 18, I will be swapping one typical protein a day for seafood and I hope you will join me.

As I came to accept that I would soon embark on a 40-day seafood challenge, I actually became more excited than I initially would have thought. I mean, I’m like most people and I really like seafood...as long as someone else cooks it for me. But now I am faced with the prospect of having to prepare and cook a lot of seafood for myself. Fortunately, Fishpeople’s products make preparing really good fish pretty much brainless, so I think I’m going to do okay in the kitchen. I mean, Fishpeople soups take less than 2 minutes to heat in a pouch...all I literally have to do is grab a spoon. Not even I could mess that up.

In all honesty, I don’t think this challenge will be too difficult. Plus, the benefit is that it will definitely improve my overall diet and eating habits. I have never been really good at planning out meals, and because of that, I sometimes miss meals and do stuff like make popcorn at 8:45 PM and call it dinner. Being intentional about eating a daily serving of seafood will be great for my health by forcing me to think ahead instead of consuming Keegan's Popcorn Dinner three times a week.




And, you know, I’ll also be getting all those great omega 3s and other nutrients that I could probably use more of in my diet.

While I am not the only one in the office starting this challenge, I will be your tour guide through this culinary journey. I will be documenting my seafood adventures on social media for your enjoyment, showing you what my meals look like, walking you through some of the challenges that arise and my solutions for them.

It will be like the Truman Show, but I’m in charge and there won’t be any cameras in my bathroom (probably). 



Let’s face it, most of us are really bad at eating the recommended 2 serving of seafood a week. So although I would love everybody to be eating seafood every day, I understand if that might be too big of a commitment. I hope you can get inspired to try out seafood at least twice a week to get the essential (and delicious) nutrients seafood provides us. I mean c’mon, it’s 2019, the time for your grandma’s steak and potatoes diet has come and is now long gone (no offense to grandma).

When you do decide you want to come with me on this journey, post your swaps all over Instagram by using the hashtag #Swap4Seafood. 




I promise I’ll give you a shout out and you’ll probably become instafamous (no guarantees).


 About the Author:

Best Selling Author of a newspaper he once made for class, Keegan Winkle strives to be his mom’s favorite child. Born and raised in Star ID, a town near Boise that takes much more zooming in to find, he promptly moved away for college and found himself attending Portland State University to pursue a Pole Vaulting career. After falling more than flying he became our Digital Marketing Intern where he tries to act like he knows what to do.