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Celebrating American Fishermen Posted on 12 Jan 11:35

Have you seen our new line of Wild Caught Frozen Fillets? We’re proud that the Keta Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Pacific Cod and Rockfish were all wild caught in Oregon, Washington and Alaska by independent fishermen using sustainable fishing practices. That’s why we put a picture of the fisherman and where the fish was caught on every package.


This new video, created by Walmart, captures a day in the life of Capt. Scott Kastengren and the crew of the F/V Sunset Charge as they offload Albacore Tuna at our dock in Ilwaco, Washington. It’s a beautiful glimpse behind the scenes at the journey your fish takes from pole to plate.

Although it’s frustrating that 90% of seafood caught in the US is exported, Fishpeople is committed to chipping away at that number: every single fish we purchase is caught and packed by American workers and sold in America. That keeps the profits here at home while creating living wage jobs in our coastal communities. Simply put, when you buy Fishpeople, you are buying American.

This line is available in Walmart stores nationwide, giving everyone access to healthy seafood at an affordable price.