We know it's called "Turkey Day" for a reason, but if you're anything like us (and we suspect you are) you're looking for ways to enjoy seafood every day of the year.  So, as a follow-up to our extremely popular 5 Ideas for a Pescatarian Thanksgiving blog post, here are five more ideas to get your seafood fix on Thanksgiving. 


Clam & Bacon Dip


This five-ingredient recipe using our Razor Clam Chowder Garnished with Uncured Bacon takes less than 10 minutes to prep and cook and is an excellent dish to bring to a Friendsgiving or any other holiday gathering . Grab a piece of crusty bread and dive in!

Wild Crab Bites

These satisfying and easy to eat bites are perfect for mingling and require no utensils. Another five-ingredient recipe,  this one features our Wild Crab Bisque with Cold Water Pink Shrimp in baked phyllo shells.  There's no way you can be crabby after biting into one of these crab bites!


Wild Alaskan Salmon Mac & Cheese

Take your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe and give it an upgrade with nutrient-rich and flavor-forward wild Alaskan salmon.  Use the salmon from one of our Wildly Delicious Seafood Kits and use the gourmet topper as a topping for the entire dish.
If you need a go-to mac & cheese recipe our friends at Cabot Creamery have a great baked macaroni & cheese recipe you should definitely try out. 

Oyster Stuffing

(Image courtesy of NY Times cooking) Is it called "dressing" or "stuffing"? Is there a difference? Whatever name you might use, we think it's better with oysters.  It might sound odd, but many people love the savory and subtly briny flavors that oysters bring to this traditional Thanksgiving dish. You can find tons of variations of this recipe online, but if you're not in the mood to do the research, try out Lucy Buffett’s Oyster Dressing via NY Times cooking.  

Creamy Salmon and Shrimp in Puff Pastry

These comforting and savory seafood puff pastries are a great accompaniment to any group dinner because they can be scaled down to create bite-sized starters, or scaled up to serve as a hearty side.  You can also play around with the type of fish you use for filling and the herbs you use to top them off! 

Let us know what seafood swaps you're making during this holiday season by e-mailing us at info@fishpeopleseafood.com--we'd love to feature your recipe or tip in an upcoming blog post or newsletter!