Sean Carroll, Director of Business Development and Sourcing

As Director of Business Development and Sourcing, Sean Carroll is charged with finding the right partners for Fishpeople, meaning people and companies who harvest seafood in a sustainable way that can be traced back to its source.

Sean's multi-faceted and sea-focused background makes him ideally suited to help Fishpeople deliver on its promise: to sell only sustainably harvested seafood, to revitalize coastal communities, and preserve marine habitats.  He has had a close relationship with the ocean – both personally and professionally – his entire life. Raised in the coastal community of Westport, Washington, Sean has worked on both commercial and sport fishing boats, and in Pacific Northwest seafood processing companies. He’s also done his homework, and studied marine resource management in college, fish production techniques in Asia and the US, and developed shell fish farms in Mexico. (Plus, he’s spent plenty of time surfing, and is fluent in Spanish – but that’s another story.)

Sean takes a very hands-on approach to his role, and personally knows the fisherman and the boats that catch our seafood. He also knows the fish, where they come from, and exactly how they are caught. Sean communicates regularly with the people who are responsible for landing our fish, and often attends “offloads” – the point at which the catch is physically transferred from the fishing vessel to the dock. During the offload process, Sean is known for bringing along his trusty electric hand saw, which he uses to cut into the fish as it comes off the boat, checking for quality and freshness.  

When it comes to sustainable seafood products, our company sets the bar high.

According to Sean, he came onboard with Fishpeople because, “it’s a small company working to make a big impact.” And that can make finding companies to partner with challenging. With our commitment to “relentless transparency” and the stringent requirements we regularly meet to maintain our B Corporation status, we’ve set the bar pretty darn high for our partners and providers.

When looking for businesses to partner with, along with their fishing practices, Sean takes into consideration where Fishpeople can make a positive impact on the suppliers’ and local coastal community’s bottom line. That means helping create opportunities for steady work and full time jobs.

The Ekone Oyster Company in Willappa Bay, Washington (who provides the oysters found in our Smoked Oyster and Bourbon chowder) is a fine example of a happy partnership. Says Sean, “It’s a small company that does a great job producing high-quality oysters while minimizing the impact on the environment. Plus, we share a common goal: delivering a better product to the customer.”