Pure. Wild. Sustainable. American.

Ridiculously Transparent.

That number on each product? It’s not some legalese. It’s a story. And an amazing one that.
It lets you trace your meal back to the fishermen who harvested it.
And savor where every mouthwatering bite comes from.
It’s a 180 degrees from Big Fish, with their floating factories, overfishing, and cloak of secrecy. This time, it’s personal.

See an example

Feeling less-than-confident about cooking seafood? Not exactly sure what makes seafood “sustainable”? Wary of fish from overseas? Let us put all anxiety to rest. We’ve brought in experts to share the facts and offer tips and recipes to give you peace of mind. Find out how simple, safe and delicious sustainable seafood can be.

Learn how to fear no fish

Hearty souls, epic swells, sizzling sauté pans. There’s nothing like a good fish story.

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