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Why Fishpeople?

  • Exceptional Quality

    We merge science and love to create rigorous standards that preserve the quality of our catch every step of the way from boat to door. Call us perfectionists. We don’t mind. Quality takes people who care. It’s a difference you can taste.

  • Dock Direct

    Do you know where your seafood comes from? We do. We source directly from independent fisherman off our own docks and support rural fishing communities. No middlemen. No messing around. Fully traceable seafood that makes a difference.

  • Sustainable

    We fish with a purpose. We hold ourselves accountable to the standards necessary to protect fish stocks for future generations and create living wage jobs in rural fishing communities. This way, every fish you purchase rewards the many instead of the few.

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We are Fishpeople

We believe that the world doesn’t need another seafood company, it needs a different one. That’s why we are working to help the seafood industry reward the many instead of the few.

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Hand Packed Albacore Tuna Reviews

  • “TUNA like you've never had!”


  • "Larger 7.5 ounce can compared to other companies"


  • “The most delicious tuna we have eaten.”


  • “The tuna was moist, very flavorful with no "fishy" smell.”