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Behind every great fish, there's a story worth telling. We're bringing you seafood that's pure, sustainable, ethical - and perfectly delicious.

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We Are Sustainable & Traceable

We responsibly harvest sustainably-caught fish from well-managed fisheries and tell you the story behind your fish. Nothing fishy going on here!

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We Are Pure

No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or antibiotics. Real fish, real food, real simple.

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We Are Wildly Delicious

We're a group of "seafoodies" from Portland who love to eat, so trust us: our flavors are for real!

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Coming Soon! Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab

Fully cooked, whole Dungeness Crab fresh from the boat right to your door.

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We swim upstream

We bring the world's best seafood in from the sea and onto your plate - and we care deeply about every step along the way.

  • Pure Ingredients

    Mother Nature got it right! We source wild fish and simple ingredients, free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. You'll taste the difference in every bite.

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  • Sustainably-Sourced

    Sustainability is in our DNA! We hold ourselves to a higher standard for the health of our oceans and coastal communities.

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  • Relentlessly Transparent

    We provide a tracking code on every product so you can trace your fish back to the source and dive deeper into the tale it has to tell!

    Trace Your Fish
  • Wildly Delicious

    At home, in restaurants, or on-the-go, if Fishpeople seafood lands on your plate, rest assured it will be wildly delicious!

Trace Your Fish

Trace Your Fish

Dive Into The Story Behind Your Seafood

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Deliciously Simple Recipes

Start with Fishpeople seafood and mix it up with other fresh ingredients to create a delicious meal.
These recipes will blow you out of the water!

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Join us on our mission to rock the boat & get our oceans back shipshape!

Hey Pro Chefs

Great seafood + Meticulous handling = Better tasting fish.

Fishpeople is your culinary partner in bringing delicious & storied seafood to people across the US. When you serve your customers Fishpeople Seafood, you can trust that our fish is responsibly sourced, sustainably caught & meticulously handled with care.

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