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10 Gorgeous Glamping Destinations in the Northwest Posted on 05.26.16

"Glamping" has become the new way to get outside, and even though we're often partial to more traditional outdoor treks, we think it's awesome. If you go glamping instead of the usual camping, you get to spend time in the outdoors without stringing your food up in a tree or being afraid to run out of your tent to pee at night. It usually involves a yurt, decked-out camping trailer, or luxury canvas tent. When you tell your hardcore outdoor friends about your upcoming vacation and they roll their eyes and say, "That's not camping," you can happily say, "You're right, it's glamping." Unfortunately that probably won't shut them up about how you "should" be spending time in the great outdoors, but you're still going to have fun.

If you're based in the Northwest like we are at Fishpeople, there are tons of truly beautiful glamping destinations within a day's drive. Even if you're not, you should make... Read more

Dancing on Deck: The Chovy! Posted on 04.21.16

What happens when you’re a fisherman bored on a boat, waiting oh so patiently for tuna to eventually grace you with their presence? You create a dance inspired by the only other living creatures on your boat, of course! Introducing the next dab: the Chovy.

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Why Do Fishermen Make Great Poets? Posted on 03.23.16

Earlier this month, we went to Astoria on the Oregon Coast to join our fellow fishermen at the annual FisherPoets Gathering for an unforgettable experience which we captured in this video. FisherPoets is an event that celebrates the lives and creativity of the fearless men and women who’ve built their careers at sea. Almost 100 FisherPoets turned out and shared everything from poetry to silly stories to songs, including our founder and resident artist Duncan Berry, who shared three original poems. Read more...

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Make Good Decisions with Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Posted on 01.20.16

Fishpeople has partnered with Seafood Watch, committing to purchasing seafood from sources that minimize their environmental impact and helping empower consumers to make choices for healthy oceans. Read more

Celebrating American Fishermen Posted on 01.12.16

Have you seen our new line of Wild Caught Frozen Fillets? We’re proud that the Keta Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Pacific Cod and Rockfish were all wild caught in Oregon, Washington and Alaska by independent fishermen using sustainable fishing practices. That’s why we put a picture of the fisherman and where the fish was caught on every package.

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