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3 Seafood Myths Debunked Posted on 04.03.15

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the consumption of seafood. Rumors like women not being able to eat seafood while pregnant or people avoiding seafood because of too much radiation. We’re here to set the record straight so you and your family can go back to enjoying the many benefits seafood meals can provide your body. 

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Look Ma, we're on TV! Posted on 03.23.15

Last week a new commercial started airing on Oregon television stations, beautifully capturing the fishermen and dock workers who make up the commercial fishing industry in Oregon. Created by the Oregon Lottery for its "It Does Good Things" campaign, the ad features Fishpeople and our economic development efforts in Newport and Toledo, OR. One of our core values is to keep the seafood caught by Northwest fishermen in our state, where it creates living wage jobs in our coastal communities.

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Oregon Represents at Expo West in Anaheim Posted on 03.19.15

Do you love food? Do you love Oregon? If you said "yes" you would love the annual Natural Products Expo West show where dozens of Oregon food brands showed off the latest and greatest. Check out this fun video recapping all the excitement. And keep an eye out for a dancing fish and Duncan's favorite fish hat. 

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Why are we doing this? Posted on 03.03.15

If you're familiar with Fishpeople at all you know that we're on a mission. Find out more about what we're trying to do in this profile on our founders, Duncan and Kipp. And while you're there, check out the other local businesses featured in this new online magazine covering entrepreneurship in Oregon.


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Fishpeople and fisherpoets Posted on 03.02.15

A few Fishpeople spent an unusually sunny weekend at the Oregon coast indulging in fresh seafood and poems and songs by the fisherman who caught it. It was the annual Fisher Poets Gathering, a celebration of the commercial fishing industry and community which has deep roots in Astoria, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. After two full nights of stories, songs and poetry delivered by the men and women who brave the open sea we left with a deep appreciation for this town and its maritime history. But the highlight of the weekend was hearing our co-founder, Duncan, read several of his poems to a packed house. We got part of it on video!

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